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Offshore Company Formation: Company Formation Liechtenstein

Company Formation Liechtenstein: Public Limited Company (PLC., Corp.)

Company type: Public Limited Company (PLC., Corp.)
Name: The company name may be freely chosen and in any language. Words/expressions including country or place names require special permission.
Capital: A minimum capital of 50,000 CHF is prescribed and must be contributed in full. Non-cash contributions are possible.
Shares: Bearer or registered shares.
Restriction applying to bearer shares also: they require to be registered in the share register.
Share register: Mandatory for bearer and registered shares
Commercial Register (public register): Yes
Registered agent: At least 1 member of the board of directors must be resident in Liechtenstein.
Registered office: Yes
Registration in the public register: Yes
Shareholder: Must be at least 2. May be natural or legal persons.
Director: Must be at least 1. May be a natural or legal person.
Auditing: Yes
Time required for formation: 1 week
Disclosure of the beneficial owner: No
Disclosure of the shareholder(s): No
Disclosure of the directors: Yes
Restrictions on the company's purpose Yes, insofar as relating to banking-, insurance- and asset management activities for third-parties.
Taxation: 12.5% annually in the case of commercial activity. Minimum annual corporate income tax payment of 1,200 CHF.

Company Formation Liechtenstein: Complete packages (full service)

The following services are included in our complete packages:

Forming of the company, entry in the commercial register of the country, apostille, notarially certified translations of certificates into English, unless official language

  • Nominee director: An attorney in the formation country will act as nominee director of the company (to the outside) and transfers all rights and obligations internally to the actual beneficiary (notarial deed of trust). The director does not have any account authority.
  • Nominee shareholder: a tax office in the formation country will act as nominee shareholder (to the outside) of the company and transfers all rights and obligations internally to the actual beneficiary (notarial deed of trust).
  • Domicile of the company in the formation country: deliverable postal address, availability by telephone, telephone and fax, mail forwarding service
  • Account opening: bank account for the company at a renowned major bank in the formation country, internet banking, VisaCard and cheques. Only the founder of the company is authorized to have access to the account.
  • General power of attorney to the founder: Only the founder receives a notarially certified general power of attorney for the company.
  • Recommendation of a renowned tax office in the formation country, for book-keeping and accounting





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