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 Company Formation BVI

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British Virgin Islands Company Formation (BVI) -Offshore Company Formation

Company Formation BVI

Official Name:
  British Virgin Islands or (B.V.I)
  Road Town, Tortola
  British Dependent Territory
  British Virgin Islander
Official Language:
BVI Currency:
  US Dollar
BVI Time Zone:
  EST (summer), EST+1 hr (winter), GMT-4 in summer & GMT-5 (winter) Daylight Saving Time is not observed
BVI Main Industries:
  Tourism, Yacht Charters & Offshore Financial Services
Official Flag
  Union Jack
National Bird:
  Humming Bird
National flower:
Head of State:
  Queen ElizabethII (England or UK)
Head of Government:
  Chief Minister Hon. Dr. Orlando Smith
  Thomas Macan
Factor Description
 Corporate tax Offshore Companies None
language of documents English
Operational objects No requirement to specify
Authorized capital Not required as a concept
Minimum paid-up capital No specific requirements
Considerations to the capital In any currency or in kind
Most effective number of shares
(maximum amount at minimum state fee)
50,000 shares (with or without par value)
Bearer shares Yes (but to be held by a custodian only)
Registered Agent in BVI Required
Registered Address in BVI Required
Minimum number of directors One
Non-resident directors Allowed
Corporate directors Allowed
Register of Directors To be kept by the Registered Agent
Register of Directors filed for public record No, but may choose to do so
Minimum number of Members (shareholders) One
Register of Members To be kept by the Registered Agent
Register of Members filed for public record No
Holding of Annual General Meeting Not required
Convention of Meetings of Directors / Members Anywhere in the world, also by proxy
Corporate Seal Mandatory
Imprint of Corporate Seal To be kept by the Registered Agent
Corporate Minutes and Resolutions To be kept by the Registered Agent
Disclosure of beneficial owners to Registrar No
Disclosure of beneficial owners to Agent Yes (confidential due diligence)
Keeping of accountst Internally, only to enable a reasonably accurate determination of financial position
Auditing of accounts Not required
Filing of accounts Not required
Double-tax avoidance treaties Switzerland, Japan
Currency controls / restrictions None
Available special types of company Restricted purpose company
Segregated portfolio company
Redomicile a foreign company into BVI Yes
Redomicile a BVI company abroad Yes

Services provided by our Law Firm – or our Partner Network:

-Formation of the company, Apostille, upon request certified translation of the formation documents

-Certificate of Incorporation: The certificate of incorporation is an official document that confirms the name of a registered company, as well as the registration number.

-Certificate of Good Standing

-Ranging from Registered Office to maintaining a business office

- Upon request: Nominee Director (attorney acts as a trustee and acts as the Director of the company during the formation phase) and / or Nominee Shareholder (natural person or legal entity – Law firm acts as a trustee in the form of the shareholder of the company)

- Upon request:  Permanent Nominee Director (Attorney acts as trustee in the capacity of Director of the company during the entire term of the agreement)






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