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Company Formation Belize - Offshore Company Formation

Company Formation Belize - Overview

double taxation agreements (DTA) Sweden, Denmark, Austria and  countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
Corporate tax Offshore Companies NO
Corporate tax Onshore Companies Yes, No
for job creation
tax free receipt of foreign dividends Yes
EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive applicable No
Holding company privileges Yes
Banking secrecy High
Nominee relationships allowed Yes

Belize is a Central South American Country which borders the Caribbean Sea between Guatemala and Mexico. Formerly known as The British Honduras the official name was changed to Belize in 1973 with full independence granted within the Commonwealth on 21 September 1981, although this was not accepted by Guatemala until 1992 because of its historical disputes over the territory with the United Kingdom.

As with many former British colonies, Belize has adopted English law and its traditions and models for business formations, which take the form of: sole proprietor, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, Trust Funds, private companies, limited life companies, investment companies, Joint Venture and Cooperatives partnerships and International Business Companies (IBC).

Company Formation Belize: Services provided by our Law Firm – or our Partner Network:

-Formation of the company, Apostille, upon request certified translation of the formation documents

-Certificate of Incorporation: The certificate of incorporation is an official document that confirms the name of a registered company, as well as the registration number.

-Certificate of Good Standing

-Ranging from Registered Office to maintaining a business office

- Upon request: Nominee Director (attorney acts as a trustee and acts as the Director of the company during the formation phase) and / or Nominee Shareholder (natural person or legal entity – Law firm acts as a trustee in the form of the shareholder of the company)

- Upon request:  Permanent Nominee Director (Attorney acts as trustee in the capacity of Director of the company during the entire term of the agreement)

- Upon request: Bearer shares

- Opening of an account in the name of the company, incl. Online banking and VisaCard (in the case of bearer shares the opening of an account is often only possible, if the client / founder is not present at the opening of the account)

- Upon request: Investment account in Switzerland (Minimum deposit 10,000 CHF)

- To the extent it is a requirement of domestic law: Provision of proof of the exempt status to the authorities (most tax havens differentiate between offshore and onshore companies. Onshore companies are taxed normally, offshore companies – i.e. companies which transact business outside of the country are not taxed. The Cayman Islands is the exception: Real zero-tax haven)







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